Possible Cold Sheep

I’ve been thinking a lot of what I want my 2018 knitting goals to include. I know that I want to get rid of my deep hibernation, mostly by finishing those items, but could also possibly include recovering the yarn. I’m also pretty sure that I want to make sure Grace has plenty of knitted items.

Now I’m thinking I want to add cold sheeping to that list.  Essentially that means that I would buy NO yarn next year.  (With the exception of a skein for my bday.) I have plenty of yarn and fiber in my stash.  I could knit for a couple years without buying any new yarn.

This would be a good exercise in self control. Which I’m already sort of failing. I’m currently looking at yarn for a cardigan that’s been calling to me for several months now.

I’m in trouble and 2018 hasn’t even started yet.

Character: Hessonite

Name: Hessonite

History/Motivation: Born into the life of a gladiator, he grew up strong, tough, and has a penchant for flair. But unlike his compatriots, he prefers to take a calmer approach to solving problems, only using his strength as a last resort. He has retired from the ring, but still misses the action. He’ll talk to anyone who will listen about the wondrous battles he’s won. He now travels as a hired hand for people wishing to adventure. No harm in gaining more glory and stories to tell.

Class: Barbarian: Path of the Berserker Alignment: Chaotic Good Background: Gladiator Race: Genasi: Earth

1st stat: STR

2nd stat: CHA

3rd stat: CON

Skill prof: Acrobatics, Performance, Intimidation, Athletics

Appearance: Short and stout. Covered with scars of all sorts. Ruddy brown skin and ashen hair. Calm gray eyes that turn black when he’s raging. He has a special set of clothes that are specifically for “show and tell” aka his gladiator gear. He only wears it occasionally, as its not practical for real life adventuring.

Character: Jun’teth

Name: Jun’teth Blackclaw

History/Motivation: As the son of the village monster hunter, Jun’teth was destined to become one as well. True to his family heritage, he became a village monster hunter when he became of age. He was content with his life and knew that he could relax into the role that was given to him. One day after a unsuccessful hunt of an owlbear, he came back to a village of carnage. He did not know of a monster that could have created such monstrosity, but he was going to find out. The creatures that destroyed his village were demons, and he spent years tracking them down and learning how to kill them. His new skills and lack of ties has allowed him to continue to hunt and kill every single one of them.

Class: Fighter: Monster Hunter  Alignment: Chaotic Neutral  Background: Outlander Race: Lizardfolk

1st stat: STR

2nd stat: WIS

3rd stat: CON

Skill prof: Athletics, Survival, Perception, Nature, Intimidation, Animal Handling, Arcana, Investigation

Appearance: He is short for a lizardfolk, but that still allows him to tower over most humans. His muscular body is covered in green and brown scales, which compliment his yellow eyes. He wears no armor, but still wears “clothes” due to his common encounters with the humanoids. He doesn’t fully understand all the ways of the towns and cities of humans and elves, but he tries to fit in the best he can. He disfavors Tieflings purely for their demonic appearance.

Characters: Larua and Trivas

Name: Larua and Trivas

History/Motivation: Both grew up with a love for the arcane. This love brought them together through research. Larua was a librarian at one of the many arcane libraries within the walls of Waterdeep. Trivas was a travelling researcher. Going from city to city to try and fully understand the ways of Evocation. She was not used to seeing other high elves visit the city, preferring their own libraries for such research. They courted in the traditional way and eventually agreed to a union. They now travel around searching for new or forgotten magic, often finding trouble as well.


Class: Wizard: Lore Master Alignment: Lawful Good Background: Sage Race: Elf: High

1st stat: INT

2nd stat: WIS

3rd stat: CHA

Skill prof: Arcana, Perception, History, Insight, Investigation,

Appearance: She is mid height for an elf and very beautiful. She has long dark brown hair and warm brown eyes. Her smile, a rare occurrence, can melt hearts. She prefers to wear more normal clothes and forgoes non-magical jewelry all together. She has a calming personality which has been known to help with her husbands joyful nature.


Class: Wizard: Evocation Alignment: Neutral Good Background: Sage Race: Elf: High

1st stat: INT

2nd stat: CON

3rd stat: WIS

Skill prof: Arcana, Perception, History, Investigation, Religion

Appearance: He is tall and rather burly for an elf. He has jet black hair, which looks like it may have been singed in a couple places. His hazel eyes are always shining, either with a smile or the fireball he’s about to throw at your face. His robes typically have some form of singe or patch from his spell experimentation. He has a very bouncy nature and is prone to getting himself into trouble.

Character: Rinan

Name: Rinan Snowhide

History/Motivation: He grew up in a larger city, never knowing his true parents or lineage. He became part of a halfling crew and learned their ways of fun and tricks. His fondness for pranks didn’t fade with his childhood. He continues to search for fun wherever his travels take him. No one suspects a dwarf to steal their purse

Class: Rogue: Arcane Trickster Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Background: Urchin Race: Dwarf

1st stat: DEX

2nd stat: INT

3rd stat: WIS

Skill prof: Slight of hand, Stealth, Perception, Performance, Insight, Acrobatics

Appearance: He always has a smile on his face and prefers to be in the company of others. He isn’t as stout as most dwarves, but he doesn’t see this as any hindrance. He has rust colored hair and brilliant green eyes. He tends to wear the clothes of a dwarf and styles his beard in the dwarven ways, but this is just a con. Inside he truly feels like a Halfling.

Character: Zean

Name: Zean Plott

History/Motivation: Zean started off life respectfully enough, as a cabin boy on a merchant’s ship. But after a mutiny, which he was not a part of, nor did he see coming, he became distrustful of everyone. Verging on paranoia. One night a tall man in dark robes offered him the ability to see beyond the normal realm of mortal sight. Be able to tell if someone was lying or hiding something. Perceive things that may be beyond the realm of understanding. He only needed to give up his eyes and gather knowledge. Sean quickly agreed and is now travelling around the lands searching for new and interesting arcane abilities.

Class: Warlock: The Seeker: Pact of the Tome Alignment: Lawful Neutral Background: Sailor Race: Human

1st stat: CHA

2nd stat: WIS

3rd stat: DEX

Skill prof: Perception, Athletics, Arcana, Investigation

Appearance: He is shorter than the average male, and a bit more slender too. Those giving him a quick glance would assume that he was just a young man, not yet fully grown. He has dark brown skin as well as black shortly cropped hair. His eyes are white, a sure sign of his blindness.

Character: Vetia

Name: Vetia Mur’kov

History/Motivation: Vetia never quite fit in. Teasing were common place. Once Vetia got old enough he decided to join the army. She spent several years serving in the regular army before being promoted to the King’s Guard. Which come to find out wasn’t actually the kings personal guard, but the castle guards. He eventually got sick of babysitting and asked to be released from service. The request was granted, so Vetia traveled picking up odd jobs here and there. One night as she was sitting next to the campfire a strange apparition appeared before her. A silver dragon told her to awaken the “true self.” The following morning Vetia awoke with arcane abilities. He’s been sent on his path of self discovery.
Class: Fighter/Sorcerer Alignment: Neutral Good Background: Soldier Race: Dragonborn
1st stat: STR
2nd stat: CON
3rd stat: CHA
Skill prof: Intimidation, History, Perception, Acrobatics
Appearance: Silver dragonborn with obsidian eyes. Carries himself with a soldiers presence. Gender fluid. Dressing either male or female depending on his mood. She never really talks about it, but will not shy away if its brought up