Streamlining Social Media

So I’ve finally decided after years of being a bunch of different screen names all across the internet that I’m going to choose one name.

I’ve decided to do this for several reasons, but mostly for the fact that now I can say one name when people want to search for my personal social media accounts.  Being 1/3 of a podcast is demanding a more present social media persona.

I’d normally not give a crap as to how easy/hard it is to find me on social media, but its even started to bug me that I don’t have a firm brand for myself on the podcast.  I’m really enjoying the podcast and I want to keep it going.  And if I have to relinquish my titles of Zarrek and RueRocker to do so, then oh well.

Here I am fulling embracing Brews and Ewes.

There is Hope

I commute by bike.  Normally my experience is that most drivers are annoyed by my presence on the road.  I say the majority of people just drive past me, happy to get past the slow moving bike.  A small minority go out of their way to show their ass-hole-ish nature.

I haven’t been hit yet, but I’ve had my share of close calls.  People have yelled at me and given some rather unsavory gestures.  I try to remind myself that those people are the minority and I hope that they will eventually learn to accept bikes as vehicle.

Yesterday I had an encounter that was very refreshing.  A gentleman pulled up next to me in his rather large SUV.  I assumed that he was either going to tell me off or he was just trying to get in a position to pass me easier.  I was wrong.

He said, “Thank you for riding your bike.”  I was shocked.  No one has ever thanked me.  I’m sure I looked shocked because he then followed it up with asking me how far I ride.  I managed to answer before the light changed. That made my day and from the feel of things, it might be the highlight of the week.

Temperature Scarf

I just got the urge to attempt the temperature scarf once more. My original attempt was a little too ambitious.

This time I’m going to keep things simple. And because I can never have things too simple I decided that I’m going to make two of these. One for my husband and one for my daughter. A representation of the year they each entered my life.

It sounds corny and maybe it is but I don’t care. I have the yarn. I have a project in mind. I even have a story. (Which isn’t always needed but is nice.)

Back at Work

I got a job again.  Still research.  Still same university.  Still same goofy people.  Just a different lab.

I’m also biking into work again.  Which means only one thing… my sit bones are sore.  Really sore.  I might be wishing for a thunderstorm to roll through so I can ask Alex to drive me, kind of sore.