Hunting Season

We’ve all hunted something down before. Whether it be a certain CD (yes I’m old,) a special ingredient for a special dinner, or even a beer. I’ve gone beer hunting on a few occasions and the spoils are sweet.

I always try to stay informed on new and interesting brews that come into my amazing city (my fiance is better at it than I am). Once in a while there is just a brew that I have to have. My first hunting trip was for New Holland’s Black Tulip. I have made a vow to always try anything New Holland. I first heard about it while browsing a bar’s new beer list. The quest began that day to find this beer. Of course the first place I looked was the bar that put out the list. And of course by the time that I was able to get to said bar, it wasn’t available. Off again in search of the elusive Black Tulip (properly named).

I’m going to pause the search right here because several months after the discovery of the Black Tulip I discovered another beer that required my approval: New Holland’s Beerhive. I got lucky on this hunt. I had heard of the Beerhive, but didn’t think that any of my bars would end up carrying it. To my great surprise I stumbled upon it while at a trivia night with my mother. I didn’t bother to let her have an opinion in the matter and ordered one bomber with two glasses (although looking back I should have just kept it for myself and walked home). It was sweet, but not in the sickening way, and the spices were perfect. I feasted happily on my prey and went home satisfied.

Fast forward a bit and we find ourselves once again on the hunt for the Black Tulip. I had heard that New Holland brewed another batch and it was now out and about roaming the wilds. I kept a diligent watch this time hoping that I’d be able to catch one before they were all gone again. The fates smiled on me this season. My fiance came home and told me that our favorite bar had just put the Black Tulip on tap. I immediately picked up my wallet and started heading towards the door. My time had come. Victory was mine, and it was sweet, and a wonderful Tripel to behold.

I have my annual hunt of Southern Tier’s Krampus, a Christmas seasonal favorite of mine. Everyone knows that naughty children don’t get coal, the Krampus comes to eat them. Makes me smile every time I drink it.

The newest beer to come into my cross-hairs is New Holland’s Pilgrims Dole. I was just thinking to myself the other day that I needed to get another New Holland in my life. I went to their website and saw a wheatwine, barleywine style that uses mostly wheat. I do have a liking for wheats during the summer and barleywines always seem to call my name. New Holland has once again made a beer that seems specifically tailored for my tastes. So, I casually make my way over to the beer/spirits finder (this is a hunters dream) and find the closest store/bar that carries the Pilgrims Dole. Lexington. A little deflated, but maybe I could convince the fiance to let me have the car for a couple of hours.

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