Knitting Diseases: SSS

Second Sock Syndrome (aka SSS) is an affliction that affects many knitters. It usually presents after knitting a sock. There is a delay in starting the second sock, which can lead to a life of uncompleted pairs.

Several knitters avoid this situation by not knitting socks at all. Others have more luck with knitting two socks at a time; either by the magic loop method or by using lots of double points (cuff for sock one, then cuff for sock two, and so forth.) Some are not affected by this disease (I don’t know who they are, but statistics would make it seem like there had to be a couple unicorns out there).

Then there are the unlucky knitters who deny that they have this ailment. I have a close friend who has been diagnosed with SSS and she still tries to convince herself that she can complete a pair no problems. According to my count she has at least 3 pairs of uncompleted socks. (Those are just the ones I know about.) One of these poor socks has been without a mate for years.

This is an extreme case of SSS, but the knitter doesn’t seem phased too much by it. Myself, I am normally wracked with guilt if I leave a sock unmated for too long. I have tried to get around the SSS by knitting two at a time and it has been very successful for me… until now.

I don’t know what is wrong with me, but I think I may have come down with a variation of SSS. I’m deeming it Mid-Sock Syndrome. I’m not even complete with the foot portion of the sock and I already feel like it just needs to go sit in a corner and knit itself.

Hand knit socks in progress.
Do not adjust your internet screen. Colors are brighter than they appear.

I can’t complain about the pattern, I’ve done plenty of vanilla toe up socks and have never had a problem. I doubt its a problem of the yarn, MadColor Fiber Arts always has amazing yarn and her self striping is no exception, it is wonderfully squishy and the colors are bold. The only thing left to blame is the knitter. MSS is a pain!

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