Home Brewing

I love to home brew. Not only because I get to enjoy the spoils of my hard work, but because its a laid back social event that allows me to spend time with my fiance. There is also an aspect to it that just calls to me. I can’t place my finger on it, but I think it might have something to do with my love for procedures. Being a scientist, my daily work is all about procedures and how to optimize them to get better results. Brewing is pretty much the same.

Homebrewing a Rye IPA
Double the specialty grains for the Rye IPA

My fiance and I have a book. It has written instructions of all the brews we have made. From the recipe, to daily fermentation temperatures, to notes on improvement. Its like having my own lab book at home, just for beer, which instantly makes it better.  We have only done extract recipes so far, mostly due to the lack of room and funds to do all grain. Alex and I are both very interested in it, and know several people who’d be willing to help us on our first adventure, so I know it will come eventually.

I really appreciate the time that Alex and I get to spend together during these brew/bottling days. I’m sure I could do it by myself, but at this point I wouldn’t want to. The happiness and contentment that overcomes me while we brew and drink beer is what makes the brewing really worth it to me. That and a lot of beer we get to drink.

Alex and I trying to brew beer
Yup. He’s a distraction.

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