Last night was date night. My fiance and I decided we wanted to go see the new movie Lucy. The movie was really good, but this post isn’t about the movie. (I do have to interject that I think Luc Besson is an amazing director.)  We got to the movie theater well before the movie was supposed to start, so in order to waste time we decided to peruse the beer cooler at the ValuMarket. We hadn’t planned on buying anything. We just like to take a look at beer, who doesn’t?

New Albanian, West 6th, Arcadia Ales, and a bunch of other yummy brands all went to the back of the mind when I saw their selection of New Holland. They had all the usual 6 pack selections: Monkey King, Poet, White Hatter, Dragons Milk (which is actually a 4 pack). But I also saw the Hoptivore. It came down off the shelf and into my hands. Alex put the beer back stating that we could pick it up after the movie. I sighed and admitted he was right.

I moved over to the big bottle section and nearly had a heart attack. Night Tripper. Beehive. Incorrigible. El Mole Ocho. And pretty much every Hatter.  I was quite literally jumping with joy.  I never thought I would find such and amazing selection of New Holland beers in Louisville.  Alex calmed me down and reassured me that I could get whichever beers I wanted… AFTER the movie.

After the movie, I was basically skipping my way down to the ValuMarket.  We retrieved the beers I had not had yet, checked out, and went home.  This is my beautiful haul.  I can’t wait to try them all, but the question is, “Which one do I start with?”

New Holland: Night Tripper, Ingorrigible, El Mole Ocho, Hopivore
I have a good week ahead of me.

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