Beer Review: Hopivore

Hopivore from New Holland Brewing Company

The Hopivore is the first beer Alex and I sampled from our newest haul from ValuMarket.  New Holland’s website describes this beer:

Michigan-grown hops are the story in this seasonal harvest ale. Hopivore is wet-hopped, with hops added to the brew just hours after  harvest, creating rare, fresh flavors.

It is 5.8% ABV with 55 IBUs and is classified as a Harvest Ale (although Untappd has it classified as an APA).

Yummy glass of Hoptivore
I may have tasted it pre-picture

Amber’s Review (4/5):

This is a beer that I just had to try.  Anything New Holland that I haven’t tried needs to be tried.  I also liked the idea that the hops were straight from the fields in Michigan.
It’s a summer beer and it tastes like it belongs in a cooler heading out for a day on the lake.  It is very easy to drink but is still interesting enough not to turn my taste buds away.

I’m normally not a fan of APAs but this one is surprisingly pleasant.  It’s a little bit darker than most APAs I’ve run into.  It has hints of spice and citrus which makes my taste buds happy.  The only thing missing for me is the aroma.  I love the way a hoppy beer smells and this one is slightly lacking.  I would theorize that it comes from the wet hopping.  Guess I need another one to find out.

Alex’s Review (3.5 / 5):

I really enjoy pale ale. It’s the best style to pour for a friend and have a conversation over (Take that, American Light Lager.) It doesn’t have to be a life changing beer, and that’s the point. The Hopivore is exemplary for that style — simple taste, done right, with a good story. New Holland is definitely proud of their Michigan history and I’m glad I got to taste it. That being said, it’s not going to be a stand-out for the next time I’m quickly buying a laid back six pack. If I was closer to the brewery and it was regularly available, maybe… but we were lucky to find this in a search.

So that being said, I would love to drink more of this beer, that’s the first 3 stars. Next, I think it’s better than other beers I’ve had in the style, bringing it to 3.5. 4 stars means it’s easily tops for the style and stands out in my eyes on the beer shelf and this doesn’t quite get there for me. But if Ber drinks my second bottle I’m not gonna be happy.

Overall Alex and I agree that this is a simple beer. A good beer.  One that we would drink again.


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