Block(ing) Party

I must have been in an altered state of mind when I thought, “I’ll make my own center pieces.  Doilies would look nice.”  At this point I have knitted and crocheted a grand total of 9 doilies.  One has been graciously donated by a friend and I still have one more on my hook.  Since January I have crafted nothing beyond doilies and socks (mostly for travel knitting).  (Okay so maybe I’m spinning some fiber for the state fair but I’m not counting that right now.)  I could almost see the light at the end of the tunnel, until I realized that I was forgetting one crucial step in the process to completion.  Blocking.

I’m not really a fan of blocking, which is odd for a person who loves to knit lace.  I think its that feeling of accomplishment that one gets when binding off a project.  Blocking for me disrupts that feeling with the knowledge that it really isn’t completed.  Blocking kills my mood.  When I realized I had to block all of these doilies a giant sense of dread creeped over me.  I really felt like hiding under a rock would make the doilies block themselves.

Six various doilies
Our space management was a little lacking

Crafting friends are awesome friends to have.  There is at least one person in every knitting circle that loves to do that one thing everyone else hates.  I have a friend who loves to block.  She says its a way that she can release some aggression.  (I guess the doilies deserve it.)  This friend was kind enough to offer her assistance in blocking some of the doilies.  We had a blocking party.

Break out the blocking mats and soak.  Gather every single pin you can find.  Its party time.

Surprisingly enough the blocking wasn’t that bad.  My friend gave me some lovely pointers and now I feel like I have caught a glimpse of the importance of blocking.  Just a glimpse… don’t expect me to start blocking everything.  We couldn’t block all of the doilies due to my lack of pins (need to put that on the shopping list).  Which means that I will have to block the next set solo.  I think maybe I can do it just as long as they turn out as beautiful as this first set.

Duchrow doily
Duchrow 81.5
Diamonds knit doily
A Circle of Diamonds
Julie knit doily
Pineapple Square doily
Pineapple Square
Lacy Petals knit doily
Lacy Petals
Pinwheel crocheted doily
Pinwheel Doily

The best part about hosting a blocking party, its more satisfying to clean up than it is to block.

This is a list of the patterns on Ravelry:

Duchrow 81.5 by Christine Duchrow

A Circle of Diamonds by Rita Weiss

Julie by Ugeblad

Pineapple Square by Coats Design Team

Lacy Petals by Rita Weiss

Pinwheel Doily by American Tread Company


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