Beer Review: Night Tripper

Night Tripper by New Holland Brewing Company

New Holland describes this beer:

An abundance of roasted malts and flaked barley create rich, roasty stout with deeply intense, lush flavors.

It is 11.5% ABV and is classified as an Imperial Stout.

Night Tripper
Don’t let that face fool you

Amber’s Review (4/5):

I love stouts.  I love imperial stouts.  I love New Holland.  So I figured I’m going to love this beer.

I figured right.  Pouring the beer reminded me of pouring syrup.  Drool.  It was dark and beautiful.  I liked the little bite at the front and then the malt and roast and chocolate notes hits you all at once.  And I could be mistaken but it seemed like there was a bit of smokiness to it.  I could see myself drinking this after a nice big meal.  No room for actual dessert, but enough for a glass of this stout.  So why only 4/5?  Mostly because I’m so sensitive to chocolate flavors.  Where Alex finds the earthy flavors, I find the chocolate.

Dark malty goodness.  Dessert in a glass.  Purely stated, luxurious.

Alex’s Review (4.5/5):

Dark and heavy isn’t normally what makes me run to the bottle shop. But this beer really stood out to me as an Imperial Stout that is worth the sip and the spending. In fact, the only problem I had with Night Tripper was that we didn’t have my favorite cheese available to pair with it.

I really didn’t taste chocolate the way Ber did, just a little bit of earthiness which I think was the flaked barley coming out. Loved the aroma, but the Magnum hops really didn’t stand out as much I’d think — heck, I had to look up what hops were in it!

Honestly, super great. Nearly gave it 5 stars, but I have other stouts that are just too good to share that spot. This is definitely head of the class and worthy of your attention.


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