I Found It! (Beer Review: Pilgrim’s Dole)

If you go back and read my post, Hunting Season, you’ll see that I’ve been looking for the Pilgrim’s Dole for a little while.  I wouldn’t say I had given up hope in catching this beer, but I had relaxed on the ferocity of my search.  I love it when things are just meant to be.

Last night, Alex (Mr. Gus Bus) let me know that New Holland was to have a rep at River City Drafthouse and that I should come up and enjoy a beer during his trivia.  Tuesday nights are normally my knit night and I try not to miss knit night.  It was tempting because… you know… New Holland.  Although, I’m not fond of a crowded bar, and RCD on Tuesday nights are packed.  I decided that I’d rather go to knit night.

That’s when he dropped the bomb on me.  “Oh!” I hear from the other room.  “Looks like they are going to have the Pilgrim’s Dole.”


I was well on my way of figuring out how I was going to get there after my planned knit night.  None of my friends were headed in that general direction so I figured its not that far from our house, I’ll just bike it.

Which is exactly what I did.  After my fiber spinning was done I used a different type of spinning to travel to RCD.  Even from the outside I could tell the place was packed.  I had just ridden up hills, around pot holes, and through some not so friendly traffic.  I was hot, sweaty, and very thirsty.  I clambered through the crowded room over to the bar, looked up at the draft list and sighed in relief.  They hadn’t sold out just yet.  I ordered my Pilgrim’s Dole (and a water) and made my way back through the crowded room up to my wonderful fiance.

Pilgrim’s Dole by New Holland Brewing Company

New Holland describes this beer:

A barleywine-style ale made with fifty percent wheat malt, or what we at New Holland call a wheatwine. Pilgrim’s Dole blends warming and slightly sweet flavors with a unique caramelized character.

It is 12% ABV and is classified as a Wheatwine.

Me drinking the Pilgrim's Dole
I forgot to take the picture again… hence only half a glass of beer

Amber’s Review (4.5/5):

I sat down in the chair up on the stage where Alex sets himself up for trivia.  I drank about half of the water then turned to the beer. That first sip was heaven.

This beer has a wonderful dense rich flavor.  Sweet and wheat with a nice clean finish.  It wasn’t overwhelming like some barleywines get, but it was still complex enough to keep my attention.  I knew I should have been sipping this beer, but I just couldn’t help myself.  I knew it was high gravity, but it didn’t taste like it.  Pilgrim’s Dole is a well brewed beer.

This is my new favorite barleywine, even if it isn’t technically a barleywine.  Overall the Pilgrim’s Dole was well worth the pilgrimage.

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