What do we do?

We spin, spin spin.

Ashford Joy 2

Yes, I have a little fishy in my head singing.  Mostly its just a simple mantra that helps me through the endless process which is plying.  I love spinning singles, I love the final product, but I absolutely despise the plying process.

I’m hoping that I just hate plying this one because of the fact that I’m working on a deadline.   This is supposed to be my entry for the 100% wool category in the Kentucky State Fair.  I have to turn in my entries on Sunday.  Which means I only have a few days to finish plying, soak, thwack, and dry.  I’m feeling the stress.

Alex keeps reminding me that it isn’t a big deal if I don’t get it finished.  I just wont enter it.  I wouldn’t be loosing any money.  The KSF only requires one entry fee per general category and I’m entering other things.  But for me its a matter of pride.  This is probably the most gorgeous yarn I’ve spun to date.  It will most likely end up being a two-ply light fingering, which for someone who has only been spinning for a year and half (in my mind) is most impressive.  I want to see that ribbon.

So for now, just keep spinning.

This is 100% BFL from Mad Color Fiber Arts, colorway “Turkish Delight”

Close up of yarn in the making
Neverending Fiber

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