A Fair Disappointment

This year I only entered 4 items in the state fair. I knew they weren’t very good either, so i wasn’t expecting much. Maybe an honorable mention on my socks (Smaug!!).

The first place my friends and I always go when visiting the state fair is to the Textiles to see where we placed. Plus its always nice to see ones work on display.

No ribbon on the yarn. Expected.

No ribbon on the crocheted doily. Expected.

No ribbon on the socks… WTF. Really? Oh well.

Is that a ribbon on the knitted doily? Holy smokes it is! Honorable mention in the knitted lace category. First, second, and third were all full lace shawls with beading. I’m surprised they even looked at my doily, let alone give it a ribbon… sweet.

I’m somewhat disappointed with my results, but then again I didn’t put as much effort into my projects as I normally would have. (Stupid wedding planning getting in the way.) I also have to keep reminding myself that one ribbon out of four projects isn’t bad at all.  I’m trying to force myself to see the good side of this situation.

The next place my friends and I always go is to the bunnies.  The Kentucky State Fair has all sorts of animal competitions.  Our favorite happens to be the bunnies.  Mostly because of the prospect of someone selling their angora fiber, but I like looking at the cute fluff balls too.  We marched our way over to the animal exhibits and found the rabbits.  There were several very beautiful angora rabbits, we noted which farms they came from and went searching for the owners.  We only found one of the farms and the lady at the booth informed us that the owner wouldn’t be back until Sunday… So much for angora fiber this year.

We then walked through the flea market portion of the fair.  I do this mostly to amuse myself with all the funny little gadgets people try to sell.  The Kizito Cookie lady was there, so I bought a “few” cookies, which instantly made me feel better.  Who cares about ribbons when you have the best cookies in Louisville.  As for my fried foods haul, I decided to take it a little easy this year (remembering the horrible stomach ache from last year).  I had a corn dog and shared a batch of deep fried girl scout cookies with Erin (she was upset at the lack of deep fried Kool-Aide).

All in all I’m glad I got a chance to spend time at the fair with my friends even if we didn’t win anything major.  It was still a good time and I’m glad I went.  I better get started on my submissions for next year.

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