Judging (with beer)

My friend and I have an annual tradition. This will be the third year running that we’ve done this. We collect our items from the fair, have a beer (or two) at Sergio’s, and judge the judges from the State Fair.

I don’t hate the judges for where they placed me. I either agree with them, or think that they overrated it. (Yarn I’m looking at you.) Mostly I’m just judge-y about the lack of consistency within the Textiles category. I can’t speak for any other group than the ones I submitted pieces.

Firstly, my crochet object didn’t have any notes. I have no clue what they actually thought of it, beyond it didn’t deserve a ribbon. Most people would see this as okay, but since I’m new at the whole crochet thing, I would appreciate some sort of criticism.

Next, the knitting. A little better than the crochet. They actually had notes attached. But once again, we have a severe lack of criticism. I have no clue what I needed to change in these projects to make them better. All I got was “Good job” and “Very nice.” Which would be okay if I was 10, but I’m a grown woman and I can handle a bit of, “not blocked enough” or “stitches uneven.”

Lastly, was the yarn. I love the way that the judges for yarn attach a novella for me to read. The way the judge presented the criticism was very nice too. First she complemented me, “love the color,” then she started in on how to improve, “singles were over spun, which leads to a coarse yarn.” Okay, awesome. Now I know what I need to do next time. “Tie skein with same yarn.” What? But the premium book says to tie it in three spots with cotton… ugh. Well I guess its not her fault, but the premium book needs to be updated (which isn’t the job of the judges).

I honestly wasn’t expecting too much from this years items. Mostly because of my lack of enthusiasm for the State Fair. All my energy has gone into the wedding planning. But I guess there is always next year.

And for anyone who cares, I had a New Holland Black Hatter. Delicious as always.

2 thoughts on “Judging (with beer)”

  1. I don’t have any experience at the state fair level, but the judges at the county fair I entered a few years ago didn’t leave notes on anything! I love that (at least some) of the judges at your fair left feedback. That is amaze-za-zing. BTW, your socks look incredible. And congrats on your ribbon. And also on your delicious beer. šŸ˜€

    1. Thanks. I’m very happy with my socks, ribbons, and the little feedback I received. I hope your judges see the light soon of how awesome it is to get notes.

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