Kick Ass Monday Ends with Yarn

Yesterday was a holiday for most people.  And most of those people were relaxing, or at least trying to relax.

Not Alex and I.  We have a tradition of #KickAssMonday.  Its where we push ourselves to the best of our ability in whatever we are doing.  At the same time trying to accomplish as much of the to-do list as we possibly can.  In the holiday spirit, I created a to-do list that seemed so outrageous that I knew that I wouldn’t get it all done, but it would be a challenge to try and get items knocked off the list.

I took the 20/10 method.  For those of you who don’t know what it is, check this out.  I truly believe it got me through all that cleaning.  I hate cleaning, loathe even.  The 20/10’s help me.  Its not as dreadful when you know that you will be rewarded with a few minutes with a book on the couch.  I don’t burn out as quickly and I find that I get more accomplished.

I did get a lot of things accomplished, but the one that I’m most proud about is the yarn I got to dye.

I used Easter egg dye on the stove top.  Four packages total.  I used all the blue and purple, I even added one red tab just to give it a little more of a purple tone.

Easter egg tablets for dyeing
Yarn with no dye
Yarn Soaking









Notes to self

  • Dissolve tablets fully in separate container before putting it in the pot.
  • Don’t heat up the water before adding the yarn if I want an even color.
  • Mix yarn within dye pot to make sure all the skeins touch the dye.
  • Don’t start dyeing at 9pm if I want to get to bed on time.
Water in the pot dyed purple/blue
Pretty water
Yarn absorbing dye
Soaking up that dye







I love the way the color turned out, but the color isn’t evenly distributed across all 4 skeins.  This gives me two options: Knit a project that will allow me to move from the darker yarns to the lighter ones or wait until next Easter egg dye sale and over dye the lighter ones.

Four skeins of dyed yarn
Lightest to Darkest

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