Birthday Beer

Yesterday was Alex’s birthday.  So in typical Brews and Ewes fashion, we packed up our knitting and decided to hit a couple beer places.

The first stop was Old Chicago.  Not a great place to get craft beer, but if you are a part of their world beer tour you get a free pizza on your birthday.  Its really hard to say no to free pizza.  Luckily for me they had the West Six IPA on tap, so very tasty.  Alex had the Red Hook Audible Ale.  The pizza was good, my beer choice was good (I didn’t like the Audible), and the service (as is the case most of the time at OC) was mediocre.

The second half of the beer excursion was to the Crescent Hill Craft House.  Local beers.  Local food.  We were seated out on the patio.  It was a beautiful night for it and I only ended up with two mosquito bites.  I call that a win.

Due to the fact that we had filled ourselves with free pizza, we did not get to enjoy what looked like an amazing menu. We did sample the pretzel and beer cheese.  Alex loved it.  I could have stood to have a little more salt on my pretzel bread, but I love my pretzels with a lot of salt. The cheese was different than most beer cheeses I’ve tasted, but a good different.  They use Kenny’s cheese, which probably gave it a milder taste.  YUM.

The beer menu was amazing.  I really wanted to try ALL THE BEERS.  I settled for a flight.  I chose Apocalypse RIP Rye IPA, Flat 12 Half Cycle, BBC (St. Matthews) Atta Boy IPA, and the Apocalypse Creamation.  All of them were tasty.  I wasn’t a fan of the Creamation.  I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, but Alex thinks I just wasn’t in the mood for a Cream ale (he said it tasted fine).  My favorite, of course, was the rye IPA.  Full bodied and not light on the ABV.  I’d drink it again given the chance.

Alex had the West Six Nitro Orange Cream Pale Ale.  I had a sip and, to me, it tasted like someone stuck a dream-sicle down into a pale ale.  Not my kinda party, but Alex adored it and I’m sure its exactly what West Six was going for with that beer.

I had said that Alex and I took our knitting.  Alex finished off his ear-flap hat and I managed to knit a couple rows of my sock.  There are no pictures of said event, mostly because I’m horrible at remembering to take pictures.  This comes from avoiding the camera most of my life.

All in all it was a very nice evening with just the two of us and some good beer and yarn.

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