The Trip: Pt. 2 (Yarn)

I knew when we first started planning our trip to Ireland that it was required to go home with some Irish wool.  I did some research and found two wonderful yarn shops withing walking distance of our hotel.  This is Knit and The Constant Knitter.  Alex recommended visiting the stores closer to the end of the trip, mostly so I didn’t spend all of our Euros.  My friend, whom I love dearly, requested that I bring her back some yarn.  I couldn’t turn down a fellow knitter’s request for yarn.

From the loft
From the loft

I had a great time visiting both of the shops.  In fact on our last day I was too sick to do the day trip we had originally planned so we spent the better part of the afternoon hanging out and knitting in the loft area of This is Knit.  Looking back I think it was the perfect way for Alex and I to spend our last day in Dublin.  That loft was probably one of my favorite places in Dublin.

The haul was rather large.  Half of that is for my friend, the other half is for me, and Alex got a couple skeins.

I’d like to think that the wool fumes made me do it, but in reality its the thought that I will not be able to buy this much wool again for a really long time.  A few of the skeins were dyed in house by a lovely lady at This is Knit, and I grabbed the only ones they had.  Its really a special thing to say that I met the person who dyed that yarn.

And I bought a couple extra skeins the next day
And I bought a couple extra skeins the next day

All in all this picture shows 4 sweaters, 2 shawls, and a pair of socks.  What isn’t shown is a scarf and another pair of socks.

For those who are crazy curious I’ll go through all the yarn:

top row- 4 skeins of in house dyed Townhouse Grafton in Frozen and Futuristic, a skein The Dublin Dyeing Company sock yarn in Library, and in the big plastic bag is a sweaters worth of Donegal Aran Tweed in Apple

bottom row – sweaters worth of Cushendale DK in mid charcoal, a skein of Smudge Yarns laceweight in Urchin, two balls of Schoppel Zauberball 100 colorway 2179, finally a sweaters worth of West Yorkshire Spinners BFL DK in Ecru.

not shown – Townhouse Grafton in Camouflage and Soft Donegal in Grey


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