The Trip: Pt 3 (Beer)

One of the great things about Dublin is that there is always a pub within stumbling distance.  The problem comes with choosing which ones to visit.  All of them have some quality which makes them desirable.  One of the big things Alex was looking for was craft beer.  This wasn’t too terribly a difficult task, but it did require some research (on his part).

We visited two brewpubs while in Dublin: The Porterhouse and J.W. Sweetman

At J.W. Sweetman I had the Red.  Alex had the flight.  I ended up getting a second Red, and Alex sipped on mine while enjoying full pints of the Porter and Pale Ale.  We also shared an amazing cheese board.  The place felt cozy and welcoming, even if we didn’t exactly know the protocol for seating and ordering.  (For those who don’t know, its find an open seat and order from the server/bartender closest to you.  This may require getting up or waving them down.)  The food was very good and the beer was even better.

The Porterhouse in Temple Bar is the place Alex was most excited about, and when we got there, I saw why.  Four stories of seating, a live band, amazing food and beer, and all around a great place to go.  I think he tried just about every thing that they made.  I of course, went with the Red.  I have a thing for Irish Reds apparently.  It was very yummy, and I was a little sad that I couldn’t really help myself to another (one of the days my sickness was really getting to me).  So, I sipped on whatever sampler Alex was drinking.  The Porterhouse impressed us so much that we visited a second location on our last evening in Ireland.  It was totally worth it.  We had more beer, and I got to dive head first into one of my favorite desserts, sticky toffee pudding.  It was the best thing I ate on this trip.

At the Porterhouse Central, Alex ordered a full pint of the Oyster Stout and it came in a really cool glass.

porterhouse oyster stout

The waitress wasn’t sure if they sold glassware or not, so Alex checked with the bartender. At the request, the bartender looks at the same glass he held in his hand, shrugged, and handed it to him. Alex smiled the rest of the night and keeps talking about how cool it is.

Probably the most interesting non-brewpub we went to was this place called, “Hole in the Wall.”  Its a little removed from the city center, but honestly it was worth the 45 min walk.  Its name, “Hole in the Wall” is misleading.  It went on forever.  Just room after room.  The place was filled with local bar flies who just wanted a post dinner brew (or glass of wine).  We ate some tasty food, and drank some tasty brews.  They had craft beer specials which was very nice.

Overall I would suggest any one of these places to a person visiting the amazing city of Dublin.  We focused on craft beer, but there is a pub for everyone, you just have to find it.

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