The Trip: Pt 4 (everything else)

I would say this is everything else, but its really not.  Its so hard to try and explain everything that happened in this trip, so these are just a few of the non-beer/yarn highlights.

The weather was gorgeous.  It rained overnight a couple times, but never actually rained on my head.  It was cool enough to show of some of my hand knits, but not numbing my face cold.  I don’t think Alex and I could have asked for a better week.

Just a couple gorillas hanging around
Just a couple gorillas hanging around

I loved the Zoo.  Loved!  I would suggest anyone who is in Dublin for a day take the time to visit the zoo.  You’ll still have plenty of time to go bar hopping later.  There is a little tea shop right next to the zoo where Alex and I grabbed some lunch.  The food was good, but the tea was better.

Of course we had to do the Guinness and Jameson tours.  Both were a lot of fun, but there were quite a few people.  I think going early or going during the week days would lessen the crowds a bit.  I would also like it if Jameson did their taste tests with less bias… which is really asking too much I know.  They did the taste test with the Irish whiskey, a Scotch, and an American whiskey.  Honestly they should have at least used a bourbon.

Malahide Gardens
Malahide Gardens

We also took a trip out to Howth and Malahide Castle and Gardens.  It wasn’t quite the large old castle that I was expecting, but the history more than made up for it.  I thoroughly enjoyed the gardens.  They were still beautiful even going into fall.  I’d love to see them again sometime in full bloom.  I didn’t get to see as much of Howth as I would have liked, but even if we had been able to spend the day there I’m not sure my illness would have allowed it.

This is the last bit of Ireland posts I’ll be doing, but Alex will be doing a series of mini posts here.  This really was a trip of a lifetime and I will never forget it.

One thought on “The Trip: Pt 4 (everything else)”

  1. Totally agreed on the taste test. They had Johnny Walker black label and Jack Daniels as their benchmarks. I’d prefer Jameson over both of those, but nearly any straight bourbon over Jameson. Nearly any. Nearly.

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