Tricks and Treats

Makes sense to have a post about Halloween on Halloween.  Almost too much sense.  So I’m going to give things a little twist.

Recently my knitting has been rather easy.  I designed it that way in preparation of the wedding.  A nice pair of toe up vanilla socks and a two colored short row shawl.  It has been a nice treat to just relax with my knitting.  Let the married life sink in a bit.

But while I’m sitting here relaxing with my stockinette stitch a thought occurs to me.  I have quite a few WIPs still on the needles somewhere, and I think the trick may end up being on me.  Not taking into account the projects that need blocking, I have 8 different projects on the needles.

Might be a touch small
Might be a touch small

It would have been 9, but I tried on my Legolas sock after the heel… it promptly got ripped out.

Some might say that this many projects would be a treat to finish.  So, trick or treat?  How do you see this WIP pile?

May your Halloween be filled with knitting warm things for the months ahead.

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