Two Things

Two things have happened in the past few days that have changed my expectations of what I would like to be doing.

  1. I quit the 21 DSD.  It wasn’t the cravings that got me.  It was my laziness towards cooking.  I’m pretty good about cooking.  Most nights out of the week I’ll cook dinner.  Tuesdays are near impossible to cook though.  With my work and knit night and Alex’s trivia, its near impossible to try and cook anything worth eating (especially when it comes to the requirements for the 21 DSD).  I know this just sounds like excuses, and truthfully they are.  I could have tried harder, I could have planned things out a little better.  I guess for me I’ll see this as a learning process.  I need to first fix the idea that I can’t cook every night.  Alex and I have agreed that we will try to cook more and more in the upcoming months.  This will hopefully create a habit so that when I’m ready to try the 21 DSD again, I’ll be better prepared.
  2. I don’t know what I did to my hand, but it hurts.  I can’t knit…. and this is a serious problem.  Knitting keeps my sanity in check.  Without it, there is a very good chance that I may snap.  So I’m doing what any knitter would do.  Loading up on ibuprofen and knitting…  Lets just say Alex wasn’t too fond of that idea and convinced me to make an appointment with the doctor.  I hate going to the doctor, but for the love of knitting, I will endure.  I just hope that it will be a quick fix at the Dr. and I won’t be without my fiber for too long.  Any ideas for non-fiber sanity?

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