Knitting Diseases: Startitis

Startitis is something multiple project knitters will occasionally run into.  It is where you get the need/desire/inability-to-stop-yourself-from starting multiple projects at the same time.  This becomes a problem only when these projects don’t get finished because the startitis continues and more projects are begun.  Startitis is contagious in the sense that knitter A will start a project and knitter B will want to do that exact same pattern, and start a project of their own.

This is such a prevalent disease because of the joy of starting in on new ideas.  There is that distinct rush every knitter feels when starting a new project.  That rush becomes addictive, and before you know it, you have 8 WIPs.

There is a rare variant called Finishitis.  It is in fact the opposite of Startitis.  It is where one would like to finish all the projects on your needles regardless of what else might be going on in ones life.  I’ve been a lucky person.  I have been struck by Finishitis a few times in my knitting career and it was amazing.  There is something so freeing about having all of your needles empty.

There is no actual cure or treatment for this disease.  There are some steps a knitter can take to avoid this serious disease:

  • Avoid Ravelry – spending time on ravelry may lead to finding new and interesting patterns that you feel compelled to knit.
  • Knit from stash only – this limits the amount of projects you can cast on at one time, unless you are plagued with SABLE
  • Accept that its just going to happen
  • Revel in the lovely projects
  • Wonder why you have so many WIPs


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