One Down

One down, and one to go.

Yarn by Mad Color Fiber Arts, Colorway: Washburne
Yarn by Mad Color Fiber Arts, Colorway: Washburne

I’ve just finished with the afterthought heel for one of my Washburne socks.  I put it on my foot and it fits in a couple spots, but mostly baggy on the foot… which worries me greatly considering these aren’t for my feet.  They are for my sister in law, who I lovingly call an Amazonian Princess.  She is tall, large, strong, and has big feet… almost bigger than my husbands.  I’m used to knitting for my average size feet, so this has been an endurance challenge for me.  Now I’m worried that these socks won’t fit her, and all my time and effort will be for nothing.

I hate to admit it, but I was nearly in tears last night after seeing the size issue.  Hopefully they will stretch out around the cuff (which is the worrisome part).  I really makes me think that if these socks don’t fit her, I might go into a rage and burn these suckers.  But the logical side of me knows that if they are the wrong size for her, what I would need to do is undo the cuff on both and just increase the stitches.  In essence reknitting the cuff.  Lets hope I it doesn’t come to that, or if it does, that I have enough yarn.

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