Beer Review: Calabaza Boreal

This is a continuation of  the Paonful post.  Since the Paon drove me to drink that night I figured its only fitting for a review to be written about the beer that I enjoyed that evening.

Golden Yummy
Golden Yummy

Calabaza Boreal by Anchorage Brewing Company and Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales

This beer is a collaboration between two amazing breweries.  I just happened to notice the interesting bottle sitting on display at RCD and asked Patrick about it.  He gave me his quick rundown of the beer and then warned me that it was a tad on the expensive side.  Not really caring about money in that particular moment I ordered the beer anyway.

The first thing that I obviously noticed was the amazing artwork on the bottle.  Having a friend who does graphic design work, I have an appreciation for good work.  In my minor research of this beer, I found out that the art varies depending on which brewery it comes from.  The recipe is the same, but the bottles differ.  My bottle came from Anchorage, and yes, it went home with me to stand next to my bourbon bottles.

The beer was a beautiful golden color and the small bubbles let me know this was going to be a fizzy beer.  The smell was a bit on the funky side, but that was to be expected with wild yeast.  It was sweet, yet bitter; full bodied, but refreshing.  A wonderful balance of flavors that keep you wanting more.  I will admit that I was a little worried about the pink peppercorn (having had a bad experience with peppered beers), but I found this pepper flavor to be very mild and gave the beer the extra umph it needed to push it from good to amazing.

I gave this beer a 5/5.  Not only because it was worth every penny I spent on it, but this is a beer that I’d gladly buy again and again.

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