Thanks for all the giving

This Thanksgiving was a whirlwind of a holiday.  Normally I’m torn between several households and driving all over the city, but this year was a different sort of hurricane.

My mother agreed to host thanksgiving for my in-laws who wanted to come visit us.  Ohio sister in law brought her family down to see the whole group on Friday.  And my dad and his wife wanted in on the action Saturday.

I feel very lucky to have a family who wants to be with us.  I’m also thankful for the fact that all my in-laws seem to get along.  Alex has a few pictures from the weekend here.  I purposely left my ipod at home to prevent me from being a device zombie, so I don’t have as any.

Little Ben learning about skulls
Little Ben learning about skulls

This is my favorite picture out of my mother-in-law’s snapshots.  We spent a good portion of Friday at the Kentucky Science Center.  Ben loved pushing the buttons.  The joy was infectious.  He’s going to grow up to be a bright boy, just like his older brother, Cam.

All in all I’m very glad and grateful that I got to see so much of my family.  I was worn out by the end, but luckily enough I have plenty of time to recharge before Krampus day arrives.

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