Presents for Peoples

I’m a process knitter.  I love knitting.  I normally don’t care for the final products.  Which makes me a great candidate for a gifting knitter.

I also like the idea of knitting to make people happy.  If one of my friends gets really excited about a knitted thing they saw, I tell them to buy the pattern and yarn and I’ll make whatever.  So far not too many people have taken me up on that offer.  But the offer always stands.

I swear that yarn is really pink... maybe time for a camera
I swear that yarn is really pink… maybe time for a camera

Which is why I jumped at the offer to make my co-worker a baby blanket.  And may I say its coming along very nicely.

I’m also thinking about possibly knitting my dad a hat.  I think its starting to become a Krampus tradition for us.  I ask him what he wants, he responds with a shrug, I end up knitting him a hat.  I think this is 3 years running now.  If I have enough yarn I think this one will be a earflap hat.

Wish me luck in my Krampus endeavors.  I hope my fingers don’t fall off.

ps- The pattern is Cerys Baby Blankie by Leah J Williams.  The yarn is Knit Picks Cotlin DK in Cerise, Canary, and Swan

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