Becoming a Reader

Alex and I both agree that we’ve always seen ourselves as readers… The reality of the situation is we only read a couple books a year.  So in order to change ourselves into what we want to be, all we have to do is read.  Easy enough right?

Electronic media has seem to fill the lives of practically everyone, myself included.  I’ll sit down and knit while watching Netflix.  I’ll check up on news through my NPR app on my ipod.  I write blogs while waiting on the science while at work.  Its very hard to get out of these habits, and some we don’t want to get out of.  But the fact remains that all I have to do is find a little time each day to sit down with a book.

I don’t own many books.  I probably own more knitting books/magazines than fiction.  But the library is within biking distance, so getting to books isn’t hard.

My biggest problem has always been choosing the books.  There are just so many to choose from it becomes somewhat overwhelming.  I had been toying with the idea (off and on) about joining a book club.  But my biggest concern was that I was going to be forced to read books I didn’t enjoy and scoffed at if I didn’t read it.

Enter Felicia Day and her online book club VaginalFantasy.  (The link pops up with “Vaginal” written in large pink letters… just warning.)  I know a romance book club doesn’t sound like me, but I figure if I’m not enjoying the book I can just skip it and read something else.  No one would even have to know that I didn’t finish the book.  Also the fact that I have a woman-crush on Felicia helped steer me to VF as opposed to a different online book club.

Thank you Goodreads for the lovely picutre
Thank you Goodreads for the lovely picture

The December book for VF is called Wolfsbane and Mistletoe.  Its a collection of short stories written by several well known fantasy/paranormal writers.  If you can’t tell the theme is werewolves and Christmas.  I’m about half way through it already and I’m loving it.  The stories are engaging enough to keep your attention, but short enough you don’t feel bad setting it down after you’ve read 10-20 pages.  It doesn’t really have a “romance novel” feel to it, which I’m digging for an intro book to this particular club.  Some people have complained about the lack of “steamy” scenes.  I think for a Christmas book, the lightheartedness is appropriate.  Don’t want to have a ton of lovey drama right before going to the overcrowded mall, I’d end up killing someone.  I can give a full rating after I’m actually finished with the book, but at the rate I’m reading, that will be next week.

I’m very proud of myself for being able to make the time to read this book.  I’m enjoying reading again, which is a great feeling to have.  Just have to keep that ball rolling.

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