Wolfsbane and Mistletoe

I talked about Wolfsbane and Mistletoe previously here.  I finally finished the book this morning and overall I would call it a fun read.  There were a couple stories that I didn’t particularly care for, but they  were short enough for me to just read through them.

There were 15 stories in all.  I wrote down a couple quick notes here and there along the way, but looking back at them now I see an ongoing theme.  Cute and predictable.  I don’t pretend to be some Sherlock Holmes or Data playing Sherlock Holmes, but these stories were pretty transparent.  I say cute, but these are stories about werewolves.  There is blood and death and destruction, and it was adorable.

My favorite story in the bunch is SA.  It was so good, that when I finished reading it, I made Alex read it.  I sat there patiently with my ipod waiting for him to finish it so I could talk to him about it. (Now I giggle whenever I hear a Salvation Army Santa ring his bell.  Or I mumble to myself “Satan’s Claws” and do an evil grin when I’m feeling in the Krampus spirit.  I also call Alex a werecoral from time to time, just to see him smile.) SA is well written with enough crazy to make me love it.

This type of book is good if you are looking for an easy/relaxing read.  I was very satisfied with it.  3/5

Now I plan on starting The Light Fantastic by Terry Prachett.  I had finished The Color of Magic back in the spring, and had started reading the Light Fantastic, but probably got distracted with a million other things.  Now I’m determined to finish this one before the New Years.

Edit: I apparently had finished The Light Fantastic.  So now I’ve started Equal Rites.  That is all.

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