Determination Pays Off

My determination was rewarded last night.  I finished the binding off, weaved in that last pesky end, gave the blanket a nice bath, and blocked it.

It is now sitting contently on the guest bed.  I’m waiting for it to dry.  It is waiting on its new home.  I’ve named her Sweetness in hopes that its future partner is just as sweet.

relief at last
relief at last

I used the pattern Cerys Baby Blanket by Leah J Williams.  The yarn is Knit Picks CotLin DK in Canary, Cerise, and Swan.

I like cotton based yarns for most baby projects I do.  Most of the parents I know aren’t really going to take the time to treat wool with proper care.  Cotton takes a beating in the washing machine, is still strong enough to last through teething, yet soft enough to make sure the baby doesn’t end up with a sandpaper blanket.

I’m supposed to go to knit night tonight… but I’m not sure which WIP to take.

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