The Hobbit

I know my mother always told me, that if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all.  I was going to make this post, about the new Hobbit movie I saw last night, completely blank in order to make a statement.  Then I realized there were a few things that I had enjoyed about this film.

  • Non-horse mounts:  The Moose, Pig, and Rams were all brilliant (the rams were my favorite)
  • Martin Freeman:  Does a wonderful job as Bilbo Baggins, and looks good in hobbit feet
  • Elves during battle:  Fighting movements so fluid it would make any geek girl melt
  • Lee Pace’s eyebrows:  Nuff said.
  • Ending credits song:  I loves me some Billy Boyd voice, plus it meant the end of the movie

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