A Week of Mitts

I do this to myself practically every year.  I ask my dad what he wants for Krampus, he responds with “something knitted,” and I put it off until the week before its due.  I guess I just enjoy the stress of  timed knitting.  Or maybe I just like the excuse to not go outside during this time of the year.

Gray goes with everything
Gray goes with everything

Either way, just like previous years, I’ve completed my dad’s gift just in time.  I love these mitts.  I loved almost every second of these beauties.  I’m kinda sad to see them go, but I know they are going to a loving home where they will be appreciated and worn often.

I made the pattern up on the fly.  Mostly due to the fact that I started them while sitting in line for the Hobbit and I had no internet available to me.  I used Alex as a size reference.  Twisted 2X2 rib for the cuff.  4 stitch pattern repeat.  Changed up the pattern on the thumb gusset to keep it interesting.  Also the yarn was the left overs from his hat I knitted him last Krampus.  (Yarn is Knit Picks comfy worsted.)


I’m creating a list for my crafting goals for 2015, so look forward to that one.  I do know one thing that will be on there:  “Start dad’s gift before December.”

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