A Spear of Summer Grass

A Spear of Summer Grass by Deanna Raybourn is the January main pick for the Vaginal Fantasy book club, and I surprisingly enjoyed it.

Deanna Rayborn A Spear of Summer Grass Vaginal Fantasy january book africa 1920'sI’m not normally one for period dramas.  I usually stick with science fiction and fantasy, but the 1920’s vibe really sucked me in.  There are descriptions of her dresses, make up, booze, and lions.  Yes.  Lions.  This book takes place in Africa during the roaring 20’s.  It added that extra bit of interest, seeing as I’ve never been to Africa.

I loved the character Delilah.  I know several other people found her dis-likable and borderline cruel.  I don’t disagree, but I find that it would be near impossible to have her any other way.  If she wasn’t irresponsible she wouldn’t have ended up in Africa in the first place.  Plus Delilah’s blasé attitude is the main quality that makes her character seem real.

The plot doesn’t really pick up until about half way through the book.  It was a fun little ride.  The end left me wanting.  It just wasn’t the ending that seemed to go along with the rest of the book.  She describes Africa as this dark and treacherous place, I would have thought the ending would have been a little darker.  Guess that’s just my morbid tastes popping out.  (As a side note my morbid tastes were very happy with how her pretty little dresses were all eventually destroyed by blood from one animal or another.)

Overall I gave this book a 3/5.  It would have been a 3.5 if Goodreads allowed half stars.  It was a fun quick read, but not really something that I would suggest for a compelling read.

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