No Time to Talk, I Have to Run… Literally!

I believe in improvement.  I also believe in trying to strive for goals that make other people say, “You are crazy.”  Which is why I’m planning on running the Derby Half Marathon this coming spring.  This goal has caused several of my non-running friends to call me crazy and unhinged, but I just smile and say, “I’m only half crazy.”  Get it?  Half marathon?  So I’m only half crazy… haha? *ahem*  Anyway… I will be improving from my previous races, and that’s the real goal.

I’ve never ran that distance before, but its something I’ve always wanted to attempt.  My friend and I have been working on our distance running for the better part of last year and we completed a 10k at the end of October.  It was one of my proudest moments.  My friend didn’t agree to run the half with me, but she’s going to join me for the Triple Crown.  Which is a series of 3 different races in the weeks preceding the half marathon.

I’ve begun my training in hopes to survive all FOUR races coming up.  And according to my calendar they are coming up quickly.  Hopefully I’ll have pictures of the races to post in the future… even if I’m crawling towards that finish line.

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