Some Things Don’t Mix

I was debating on not putting this in the Brews category, since its not a review or a home brew.  But its (mostly) about beer and that’s all that really matters.

Deanna Raybourn, the author of a VF book I finished reading earlier this month, informed the book club via twitter that she enjoyed a drink called Black Velvet while writing said book.  I had heard the term Black Velvet before, but didn’t know exactly what it was, and assumed it was some mixed drink with Guinness.

I was right.  (Go me!)  According to the author, Black Velvet is comprised of Guinness and Champagne.  I thought it sounded interesting and wanted to give it a try.  I remembered that I had a bottle of Champagne in my liquor cabinet that one of my friends gave me.  (It was from her sister’s wedding and she had several bottles left over.)  So, when I went shopping for groceries this week I made sure to pick up a 6-pack of Guinness.

Last night I opened the sparkling wine… wait… what?  Sparkling wine.  I guessed that it was close enough to Champagne and shrugged it off.  I poured the Guinness and sparkling wine in a 1:1 ratio, let the fizz settle, and took a sip.  It was sweet.  Too sweet.  Almost verging on crazy sweet.

I turned to the bottle of sparkling wine and gave it a swig.  It was carbonated grape juice (not even the good bubbles).  It was not the sophisticated, dry, tiny bubble champagne I had been expecting.  I let Alex have the rest of the so called wine and i poured more Guinness into my drink.

Lesson learned:  Its hard to make a good drink with a bad ingredient. (The Guinness was great.)

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