Running with Knitting

I’ve been running.  Running quite often in fact.  It may have something to do with my goal of running the Derby Half Marathon.  Either way I’ve been putting those miles under my feet.

My knitting has been suffering a bit.  That time on the road/sidewalk is cutting into my knitting time.  I feel like there is a balance to be found, I just haven’t found it yet.

What I really wish is to be able to do both.  But that’s not really possible right?

Turns out I’m wrong.  There is a guy who runs while knitting.  The Knitting Runner.

I’ve looked over a few of his posts and I can’t say that I’m not impressed.  Imagine running with needles.  Just the thought of it makes me a little paranoid.  Finger knitting looks like it might be possible for me, but then again, I’m worried that it would slow my running time down.  (Which is already a snails pace.)

I guess for me right now all I should worry about is that I’m working towards my goals, no matter how slowly I get there.

…Maybe a hike and knit is in order.

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