At the end of last year, Alex and I agreed to join the Flood Liars Club at Great Flood Brewing Company as a little Krampus gift to ourselves.  Totally worth it!

Last Saturday was the big mug release event.  Alex, myself, and a couple of our friends decided to get there at opening so we could enjoy our beer before it got too crowded.  And I’m glad we did because it got crazy.

The very first beer I enjoyed in my brand new fancy mug was the Great Flood Falcon Punch IPA.

This is a great flavorful IPA that packs a punch!  At 8.6% this beer is one that you want to enjoy slowly, which isn’t made easy because it is tasty.  The hops are strong and almost verges on abrasive.  Some people would say its too much, but I disagree.  The assertiveness of the flavor is one of its charms.  4.5/5

The second beer I enjoyed was the Ciderboys Mad Bark.

I loved the Ciderboys Grand Mimosa.  The Mad Bark didn’t fail to stand right next to its brother.  Mad Bark is a cinnamon apple cider.  I’m not normally a cinnamon fan, finding additive cinnamon too strong.  I decided to trust Ciderboys.

I kid you not, this beer tasted like liquid apple pie.  Its sweet, tart, and leaves a wonderful warm feeling in your mouth.  At the same time its light and refreshing.  This would make for a perfect dessert beer for those warm summer nights.  5/5

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