Beer Review: WootStout 2.0

w00tStout 2.0 by Stone Brewing Company

w00tStout 2.0 imperial stout wil wheaton aisha tyler drew curtis beerStone describes this beer:

This beer is the highest ABV beer we’ve ever brewed. The flavors are a wonderful blend of everything that makes a great imperial stout, loaded with roasty notes and malt complexity. Brewing with rye and nuts always creates challenges for our brewing team, but they rose to the occasion again with this one. The addition of pure stone-ground cacao from ChocoVivo in Los Angeles increased the beer’s chocolate character in an exceptional way–it’s simply amazing.

It is 13.5% ABV and is classified as an Imperial Stout.

Amber’s review (4/5):

First off, some history on this beer.  The first w00tStout was a collaboration between Greg Koch, Wil Wheaton, and Drew Curtis.  It was named w00tStout in honor of Wil Wheaton’s w00tstock: an “annual tribute festival to cross-genre geekdom.”

It was painfully obvious to me that I needed to try this beer.  I’m a Wil Wheaton fan and I’ve always loved Stone beers.  Unfortunately I was unable to enjoy the first incarnation of this beer, but when Alex texted me saying that River City Drafthouse had version 2.0, I knew I had to try it.

Patrick handed me my 8oz pour.  I had a moment where I hesitated.  I don’t know if it was because the beer was so pretty, or because I was worried I wouldn’t like it.  w00tStout has a beautiful dark and thick look to it.  You can tell its rich by just looking at it, which I did… for some time.

But beers were not meant to be looked at.  I tasted the w00t-y goodness.  The bourbon and vanilla flavors really sang to me, which made me super happy.  I’m a Kentucky girl and love a good bourbon, so when a beer gets a nice bourbon flavor going it makes me feel like running around barefoot.  The alcohol content in this beer was very noticeable.  It bothered me a bit.  I know it shouldn’t, but it did.  The chocolate flavors were surprisingly okay.  I guess I’m just getting used to those notes being in my stouts.

Over all, it was everything I thought it would be… plus 13.5%.  Lets just say that I was grateful that it was only an 8oz pour.

Alex’s review (4.5/5):

He was a little busy running Gus Bus Trivia, so Alex was unable to do a full write up of the beer, but this is what I got out of him today:

Lots of bourbon flavor. Very powerful, even for a stout, but not too heavy of a mouthfeel. 

He enjoyed it.

2 thoughts on “Beer Review: WootStout 2.0”

  1. Almost all of my Louisville friends are on facebook posting about going sledding on their snow days, meanwhile I’ve been going to classes like a chump! Darn it IU! Six inches of snow! Close the school!
    Also. I knit half of a row of a chunky cowl last night. The most knitting I’ve done in days! 33 stitches!
    Also, finally found the secret amazing Bloomington LYS. There is a non secret one. And it’s awful.

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