Kushiel’s Dart

Kushiel’s Dart by Jacqueline Carey was my second suggested book of 2015.

This book was suggested to me by my best friend.  She knows me very well and knew that I would get wrapped up in this book.  It is a daunting read considering I gave myself less than a month to complete a 1000 page novel.  (But I did it!)

This book is the first in a trilogy called Phedre’s Trilogy.  For a first book in a series, it is extremely well written and wastes no time setting up the events that unfold throughout the story and I assume the trilogy.

The world that Carey throws the reader into is one of depth and beauty.  Everything is so intertwined and the mythology is flushed out.  There are a few sex scenes, but they aren’t gratuitous nor are they without a purpose.

A lot of people wouldn’t like the attention to detail or the fact that this book does have a lot of set up.  It takes a while for the “exciting” part of the storyline to get going.  I am not one of these people.  The “slow” story of her childhood is very important to see how Phedre comes to be and why she does the things that she does.

As far as the characters are concerned, the main characters are well thought out.  Each one of them had an interesting back story regardless if we knew about it or not, but I wish I could have known more about some of the side characters.  I guess this is where the several other books in this world would come in handy.

The one thing I will say though is that even though Phedre says she’s nothing but bad luck, she is continually able to survive.  Incredible situation after situation is stacked against her and time and time again she’s able to slip past death.  In my mind, she is the luckiest person in that world.

I gave this book a 5/5.  I loved this book.  I will most certainly be reading the rest of this trilogy, maybe even beyond.

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