Fortune’s Pawn

Fortune’s Pawn by Rachel Bach is the March main pick for the Vaginal Fantasy book club.

Fortune’s Pawn is a sci-fi romance novel.  I loved the sci-fi-ness of it, but the romance portion was a little flowery.  The world was set up nicely.  Interesting alien races are a must.

The main character, Devi, a kick-ass mercenary, was a lot of fun to watch through this novel.  She is very career driven which is something a lot of women today can identify with.

The rest of the characters are highly entertaining and fill their own little niche within the crew.  I seriously think that without the rest of the crew’s personalities, this book would end up being a little one note.

As for Devi’s romantic interest, I found Rupert to be a little underwhelming.  Yes, he’s sweet yet passionate, but it just seemed a bit obvious.  I guess I have a thing for the romances that sneak up on the character.  I was wanting her to at least have a go with Cotter.

The plot… well… I liked it… to a point.  The beginning was good, the middle was great, the ending made me want to throw the book across the room. The erasing of her memory was a complete cop-out in my mind. The leading up to that point seemed a bit out of character for Devi as well. She really wasn’t the type to get scared, so why would she erase ANYTHING? That was an easy way for the author to cover up her tracks before the ending, where she didn’t have to explain anything because it magically went away. I might be a little upset by this… can’t tell.

Overall I gave this book a 3/5.  Fortune’s Pawn is a fun easy read that was a huge relief from last month’s Story of O.  The only thing holding this book back from a 4th star is that ending.  (Just a little bitter.)  But I will most likely read the rest of the trilogy because the cast was entertaining.

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