Anthem 5K

I completed my first leg of the Triple Crown this morning. The Anthem 5k. It was a very fast and flat run through downtown Louisville. It made me very happy to enjoy the sunshine and beauty of the city I rarely have time to appreciate.

My friend wasn’t so lucky.  She has been battling a terrible cold since Thursday.  She was a trooper and still ran with me and didn’t complain a bit until after we crossed the finish line.  I don’t know if I would have had the mental will to do what she did, feeling like she did.

I have spent so much time thinking about what it would be like to be a “good” runner.  How I could sign up for a race and not have to worry about if I’ll be able to finish it.  How I could enjoy my weekday training runs as leisure and not work.

It dawned on me half way through the race, amidst the crowd:  I am a runner.

It doesn’t matter how “good” I am.  Good is a relative term.  I’m “good” compared to where I was this time last year.  And by this fall I’ll be even better.  The fact that I’m RUNNING is enough to call me a runner, regardless of how “good” I seem.

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