1984 by George Orwell was suggested to me by my friend Danny.  Apparently he loves this book so much, he tries to read it once a year.

Most of my friends read this book during high school.  I didn’t.  My class read A Brave New World and Fahrenheit 451.  I loved both of those books, so I was excited about this book.

I feel like its difficult to write a review for this book without it feeling like a high school essay.  Not gonna lie, I may have cliff notes up in another tab.  This is such a deep and dense book that it would take several readings, and notes, in order to really make a review that’s worthy of the book itself.

I doubt that I’d be able to create such a review, so instead I’m going to give my feelings on the matter of this book.

A good book gets you to think.  I’ve said this before.  With 1984 I was forced to stop reading and really stop to think about what I read and what it meant.  And not just what it meant in the course of the book, but what it meant to me.

As a newlywed, the ease of the loss of love was truly disheartening.  I was telling myself that if I were in his shoes, I’d rather die.  We all see the hero/heroine in movies that stand up and die for the sake of love.  But what would a normal person do?  1984 is from the eyes of an ordinary man, not some magnificent hero.  Orwell does an amazing job of making everything seem so real and plausible, that he begins to stick doubts in your mind.  I think that makes this a good book, but makes me dislike it.

I gave this book a 3/5.  I can see why this book is required reading for some high schoolers. But I will always prefer Fahrenheit 451.  I guess 1984 came to me just a little too late to be as influential as it has for so many others.

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