Beer Review: Green Tea IPA

I’ve actually had this beer twice now… I kept meaning to write this post, but I was either too lazy or too busy.

Green Tea IPA by Stone/Ishii/Baird

Stone Brewing describes this beer:

Bryan Baird of Baird Brewing Company, Toshi Ishii of Ishii Brewing Co., and [Mitch Steele] selected hop varieties for this beer that would blend well with Japanese sencha green tea, and I think we succeeded. Heavy doses of Crystal and Australian Helga hops, accompanied by the Aramis variety from France, provide a wonderful, spicy, and fruity hop character that blends exceptionally well with the herbal and grassy sencha tea flavors. The very late addition of Japanese Sorachi Ace hops provides hints of citrus and dill. Aside from switching out the Pacifica hops for Helga hops, we kept the recipe the same. The ABV on this re-brew is slightly higher than the 2011 release because of the annual changes in malt enzyme strength and variability with the yeast. This was one of our team’s all-time favorite Stone collaboration brews and we are thrilled to be brewing it again.

It is 10.1% ABV and is classified as an IPA.

Amber’s review (5/5):

I had one of those moments where I saw this beer on the list and didn’t need to look any further.  I love IPAs and I love green tea.  It had never occurred to me to combine the two.

Only when Patrick handed me my little 8oz of beer did I realize that this was going to be a high gravity beer.  I hadn’t looked at the % or the $, just the fact that it was a GREEN TEA IPA.

I smelled the hops and a hint of green tea, I had my doubts as to how this beer created by the masters of the IPA could make it taste like green tea.

I decided to take some notes on the beer.  I wanted to make sure that my write up was accurate to my experiences.  Here are some excerpts:

“Holy smokes.”  “Wow”  “How the hell did they do that.”

The green tea flavor shocked and amazed me.  My doubts were quickly swept away and I settled in to enjoy every drop.  The beer has a very bold hop flavor on the front that melts away into bitter green tea.  Even the last sip of beer was like the last sip of green tea, super bitter, but oh so tasty.

I would buy this beer a thousand times over, but its certainly not for everyone.  My mother made a face that reminded me of when babies taste a lemon for the first time.  And Alex just shook his head.  Oh well.  More beer for me.


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