Papa Johns 10 Miler

Pre-dawn selfie
Pre-dawn selfie

This past Saturday was the last leg of the Triple Crown.  We had perfect running weather.  Or at least what I would consider perfect: sunny and cool.

Alex and I got there super early in order to switch sizes of my shirt.  When registering for the Triple Crown, they ask you your unisex shirt size.  The 10 miler this year decided to give us fancy tech shirts, which means a medium would not fit.

As the sun rose, my excitement started to climb with it.  We met up with Kirsten and did some normal pre-race dancing.  Then… we were off!

About to start the race!
About to start the race!

For the first part of the race I felt pretty good, enjoying the excitement rippling through the crowd of runners.  Then i saw it… Iroquois Park.  I had known that the hills in Iroquois weren’t forgiving, but I don’t think any amount of hill training would prepare me mentally for seeing the looming hills tower above me.

It did lift my spirits to see a couple of the wheelchair racers speed on past back towards the starting line.  I had just gotten to the park and they were already leaving it.  Kirst and I also saw the first couple of runners heading out of the park.  It was quite a sight to see.  It gave me that boost of confidence I needed.

As for the park itself… I don’t like it.  Not the funnest part of the run.  I’m sure it wasn’t nearly as bad as it could have been though.  Thank you hill training!

On the way back to Papa John’s Stadium, we saw Kirsten’s family cheering us on.  It was very nice to see support for us in our time of need.  We were just starting to hit that wall.  For some people its 5 miles for some its 12, for me, its 8 miles.  After that my legs go to jelly and I have to will myself not to stop, otherwise I’m not going to start again.

Victory banana
Victory banana

My favorite part of the whole race was hearing Alex scream at me as I neared the finish line.  “Whooo!  Go BER!!”  Made me so happy to know that he supports me and my crazy ideas of running lots of miles.

Kirsten and I got medals and Gatorade and a sense of pride of accomplishing a thing we had only dreamed about this time last year.

And for those who care:

race_results papa johns 10 miler anthem 5k rodes 10k running racesP.S. Alex has his post of race day here.

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