Dueling Books

I’m  the type of person who reads books one at a time.  My brain has a nasty habit of mixing story lines or forgetting what happened.  This is also why I’m fairly monogamous with my TV shows.

But right now I’m reading two books… this is big.

The reason why I’m putting myself through this is clear: The Vaginal Fantasy book for this month (The Spymaster’s Lady) wasn’t available to me until just a couple days ago.  I’m sprinting through it, because the google hangout is tomorrow!

This is further complicated by the fact that the cover for this month’s VF pick isn’t work friendly.  Which means I’m still reading The Hot Zone at work.

Luckily, because the stories are SOOOO vastly different, I don’t think I’ll have a problem confusing two.  Unless post revolution France breaks out with Ebola, then I’ll be screwed.

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