The Hot Zone

The Hot Zone by Richard Preston is yet another book completed for 2015.  Here is my list of suggested books.

The whole point of the list of suggested books was to get me to read things out of my normal genres.  Non-fiction most assuredly applies in this case.  I honestly don’t recall if I’ve ever read a non-fiction book for enjoyment.

This is a story about Ebola.  When I say story, I mean it.  This book reads like a story, which is probably why its so popular.  While I know that this is an (mostly accurate) account of certain events, its easy to forget that sometimes and it ends up reading it more like a scary science novel by King or Crichton.

My favorite parts about this book were the procedures.  How they handled samples in a level 4 bio lab.  The way to prepare a sample for the electron microscope.  (BTW those things are freaking awesome.)

Even though there was a lot of science in this book, I felt this need for more. I realize that at the time of this book’s publication there wasn’t a ton of information.  But a lot has changed since 1999, and I feel like this book could use an update.

I gave this book a 4/5.  It was a very enjoyable read, but I feel like the scientist in me was left wanting.

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