Beers, but not

Ever since finding out I was pregnant, I’ve been avoiding one of my favorite things: beer.  I haven’t always been a fan of beer, but since discovering several local craft beer places I’ve been in beer lovers heaven.  This all had to stop.  Abruptly.

Traveling in Oregon was especially difficult because we typically ate at a brewpub for dinner.  I got to smell the beers tried by Alex, but that’s as far as I’d let myself go.  One thing that did save my sanity was craft sodas.  Every brewery we went to had at least one craft soda on tap.  It was the perfect substitute.

One thing I noticed about Louisville breweries was the lack of soda.  BBC has root beer and AtG has a couple (depending on if their soda taps are working), but that’s pretty much it.  I feel like there is a void to be filled in this town, and it needs to be filled with soda.

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