I love Ravelry. Its a wonderfully helpful knitting community that takes up too much of my time.  Not only do they have a wonderful database of patterns set up, but they also have reviews of yarn, forums to chat with other knitters from around the world, and even has place for you to post your projects and yarn stash.

queue ravelryI use some of the features offered by Ravelry, but not all of them.  The queue falls into that gray area in between.  The queue is supposed to be used so that you know what project you should work on next.  You choose the pattern and then have the choice of adding yarn from your stash to use.  This, in theory, is a great way to keep you on track for Krampus knitting or even make sure that you don’t use that skein of yarn for a different project.

On the other hand, my ability to use the queue properly has faltered.  Some of the things in my list have been there for well over a year (or three).  And some of those patterns have claimed a skein of yarn and have been dying to be knit… but I just haven’t gotten around to it yet.

Me thinks its probably time to knit like the wind.  But then again… that pink stuff isn’t going to spin itself.

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