To Switch or Not To Switch? Part 1: Source Material

Alex Gustafson

Just started my rpg group on a homebrewed quest in Andoran, part of the Pathfinder universe. I’ve put a lot of thinking into the story and it’s exciting to get the adventurers on their way. Everyone seemed to buy into the hook and the random encounters on their first travel day proved a good introduction to the content.

Should this campaign prove successful a good part of it will be thanks to the information in the Pathfinder Companion, Andoran, Spirit of LibertyIt’s 30 pages of information that really brings the continent to life. Whereas an adventure lays out the story for adventurers to play out, this is the reference material to fill in the details. I’ll supply the story, but this guide helps me make the world fit together a lot better than I can do on my own.

The table of contents may give you an idea of the material a Pathfinder Companion contains The table of contents may give you an idea…

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