Be Prepared

I’m one day away from running my first one off adventure for Pathfinder.  Its going to be a small group, and 3 of which are not really familiar with the system (but are familiar with gaming in general).  Its going to be a lot of fun, but I still have some prep work to do.

I first thought it was going to be 6 PCs (player characters), but due to some unseen circumstances, we are down to 4.  No big deal, except I planned all of the battle encounters for 6… which means a group of 4 would probably have a hard time surviving.

I could be an evil DM and just say, “they’ll be okay.”  But I’m pretty sure no one would have fun with that.  But that does give me one nasty idea for another one off adventure.  Cue evil singing lion…

lion king be prepared

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