No TPK… This Time

TPK stands for total party kill.  I managed to not kill anyone in Saturday’s game.  I even managed to only injure two of them…

Which means I didn’t make things hard enough.  I underestimated my group, which I hope to be able to learn from and not repeat.  I find its more fun when things really feel desperate, or when the threat of player death is on the table.

From the DM’s standpoint, the fact that they skipped half of the castle can be a good thing.  It means my players are smart, and this also gives me less work if they decide to go back to that castle.

I enjoyed this DMing experience enough that we have already decided on a ‘next time’ which has me super excited and wondering what can I throw at these players next time.

fairy tail guildmaster
BTW the guildmaster for the PCs is totally ripped off of Fairy Tail

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