Pumpkin Shumpkin

If there is one sure fire way to get me riled up, its to see seasonal items out of season.  Doesn’t matter if its Krampus music right after Halloween, or seeing Vday items before the new year hits.

I feel like companies spend so much time trying to be the first one out of the gate that they forget about celebrating thoroughly the current holiday or season.  The beer companies are guilty of this as well.  I’m already seeing pumpkin beers.

pumpkin out of seasonIts August, I’m gearing up to visit the fair, and I’m in a skirt and tank top for crying out loud!!  Pumpkin is a fall beer… It isn’t fall yet and I’ve seen pumpkin beers in the store for weeks now.  Where did all my shandy beers and summer ales go?  Hot weather calls for crisp light beers.  Not sure about where you live, but its still hitting the 90’s here.  I don’t want a mouth full of nutmeg and cinnamon just yet.

So beer companies, please check your calendars.  Oktoberfest beers in Sept, Pumpkin in Oct/Nov, and Christmas ales in Dec.  Thank you.

Full Disclosure:  I’m not really a fan of pumpkin beers in general, the only one I like is the New Holland Ichabod.

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