Alex and I have been watching a Geek and Sundry show (surprise there) called Spellslingers.  Its about Magic: The Gathering.  Well… its really just a couple people playing Magic.

It sounds like it would be boring, but for some reason it is vastly entertaining.  I blame Sean Plott (aka Day[9]).  He’s a very good host.  There are jokes abound between him and his guests.

Alex and I continue a lot of these jokes at home.  Stupid little jokes that someone who hasn’t seen the show might not get.  Even jokes that as a non-magic player (like myself) shouldn’t really get, but still find funny.

Our favorite episode happens to be the one with Chris Kluwe.

We constantly say “Sure.”  “Sure.”  “It resolves.”

And now G&S has seen fit to make a shirt to go along with the episode.  If I liked spending money, it would already be on its way to me.

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